You can now edit the title that appears in your Google Calendar invite.
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To customize the title:
  1. Click on
    beside the event you want to edit from the Dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the
    Google Calendar Setup
  3. Edit the textbox under
    Custom Google Calendar Event Title
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You can add variables here to customize the title for each of your events.
  • {booking_id} -- This is the Booking ID
  • {event_name} -- This is the event name
  • {availability_name} -- The full name of the availability assigned to this booking
  • {order_id} -- The Shopify Order ID if it exists.
  • {first_name} -- Customer's first name
  • {last_name} -- Customer's last name
If you leave this field blank, the Google Calendar event will be titled
. This is available for all Pro and Pro Plus customers.