Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


You can now gray out the booked time slots when the calendar loads. This was a highly requested feature and is now available as a setting. You can access it via the
tab >
When this setting is enabled, your calendar will automatically gray out any dates that no longer have availability. This will make the calendar a little slower to load but should make it a better experience for your customers.
We're looking for feedback for how this works on your store. If you have feedback, please leave it here.
We've shipped an update that lets you customize your subject line for customer-facing emails.
Now, the title of your email can contain the same variables as your email body.
Here's an example of an email subject which contains 3 variables:There are over 10 different variables that you can use to customize your emails. You can customize the subjects of all the different emails that we send. This includes:You can find a full list of all the supported variables in the
tab of the app.
This feature is available to all customers of Easy Appointment Booking today!
We shipped several improvements across the app today.
Cart Improvements
Many Shopify themes have dynamic cart drawers that animate in from the side when an item is added to the cart. If your theme supports it, timeslots added to the cart will now cause the cart to animate in. This is a more consistent experience for your customers.
Additionally, we improved our code that disables quantity selectors which should reduce double booking.
Agenda view improvements
We missed some edge cases when fixing the Agenda View last week, so we've gone back in and fixed some additional bugs. Thanks to those that provided feedback.
We made some updates to the Agenda View rendering logic. Previously, some customers complained that some timeslots in the agenda view were not accurate. They were often ahead/behind by an hour.
We root-caused the problem to be related to the various daylight-savings-time changes we have observed in several countries over the last few weeks. The List View was accurately showing the booking times but the Agenda View was not.
We have deployed the fix for all customers. The Agenda View should be more reliable going forward. We're sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please reach out to us if you notice any other issues with the agenda view!
You can now set a specific date and time when you want to begin accept bookings for your event or service. You can also set a specific end time when you want to stop taking appointments.
These improvements are available to all customers starting today.
Managing your team's availability is an important part of managing your bookings. Today, we launched a new Availability Selector. Here's what it looks like:
You can now easily set your availability by using a dynamic select box and using the helpful "+" and "-" buttons to create batches of time.
The new Timepicker also lets you know when there are errors in your availability. For example, if you select time periods that overlap incorrectly, you will now be notified right away.
The new Availability Selector has been launched to all customers, and is available on the Admin Dashboard and the Team Portal. Let us know what you think!
We've introduced a new feature that allows you to add checkboxes to your custom fields, giving your customers more flexibility while filling out forms. You can now ask your customers to check a specific box when taking intake questions. Gathering specific information from your customers is easier than ever!
Creating a new custom field
Navigate to the Custom Fields section in your dashboard. When creating a new custom field, select the "Checkbox" option.
You can set the field as
, which ensures that a customer must check the box before placing a booking.
Viewing the question
Once you have saved your question and assigned it to an event, your customers will be able to see the intake question when they place a booking for that event. Here's an example:
Seeing your customer response
Once a customer has placed a booking, you can view and edit their response on the "Bookings" tab, under the "Custom Fields" column.
This feature is available to all users of Easy Appointment Booking.
We've shipped some improvements to the Book Now Button widget. Pro customers can enable this widget to show up on all of their Shopify pages. It gives your customers an easy way to find all of the events and services that you offer.
✨ A new layout
Each of your events can now show images and descriptions. We fetch the image and the description directly from the associated Shopify product listing.
Our new layout automatically adapts to mobile phones so that your customers can book from their mobile devices.
🖌️ More customizable
You can edit each row of the widget. Here are all the ways to customize each row.
The widget can be enabled from the
tab of Easy Appointment Booking. Learn more about the Book Now Button widget in our help center article. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch!
We've shipped some small improvements across the app.
1. The Variant Selector uses your event's name
If you have multiple events tied a single product (one for each product variant), a variant selector will show up in your calendar. We have updated this selector so that each option in it uses your event's name. If you want to change what shows up, just edit the name of the relevant event!
2. Set your event name during creation
You can now set your Event's name directly when creating your event!
3. Archived availabilities will not show up in your storefront
We've made several bug fixes and improvements to archiving availabilities. First, when you archive an availability, it will stop showing up to your customers.
Second, we made it easier to see which availabilities are archived. They now have a badge beside them, and a message explaining how they work.
We've shipped a small fix to Draft Orders. Customers on our Pro Plus plans can create draft orders for all bookings that happen with our app. This lets you manage all of your bookings from a single place.
Previously, customer data would sometimes be missing from Draft Orders. This has been fixed and draft orders will be linked with customer data more reliably.
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